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Laser Tools Co. Master Product PDF Catalog Contains all product PDF files listed on this page.

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SE-50 Solar Energy Installation System Long Distance Alignments
Use for Installing Solar Panel Support Pylons
Use for Job Site Surveys
  • WP59 Fine Beam Adjustment Optics
  • GLX350-10 Green Beam Alignment Laser
  • AP100B Leveling Adapter Plate
  • AP100PLT Leveling Adapter Mounting Plate
  • AP100TAN Tangent Adapter Ring
  • AP351 Ring Set for Dovetail Mounting
  • AP353A Magnetic Mounting Block
  • AP46 Hard Shell, Foam Filled Carrying Case
WP59 Fine Beam Adjustment Optics Use to optically steer the laser beam when screwed into the end of the laser.
LX Series Sheave Alignment System with RED, GREEN or BLUE Laser Light The LX Series Sheave Alignment series minimizes belt, sheave and motor bearing were by using “Positive Tracking” during belt alignment.
ColorGage™ Target System for RED, GREEN or BLUE Laser Light ColorGage™ alignment targets use enhanced reflective and fluorescent technology so that the laser adjustment lines can be viewed in direct sunlight.  This means that sheaves, belts and motors can be positioned faster and with improved accuracy.
Solar Energy Installation System The Solar Energy Installation System™ is a kit that consist of the model GLX350-10 Green Laser Technology™ Alignment Laser, the AP351- Set of 1” Clamps, an AP353A Magnetic Dovetail Base Mount and the AP1000 Tripod Leveling Adaptor Plate.
Alignment Lasers L58AC Industrial Alignment Module The laser beam is aligned with the outside diameter of the case. This means that you can use the outside of the case for centering and positioning the beam.
AP185B Beam Shifter and GLX600AC Dual Beam Laser Kit The AP185A Beam Shaper™ works along with the AP185B Beam Shifter Plate™ to move the intensity of the laser light along the line. This means that you can evenly illuminate the laser line when the laser module is pointing at the working surface at an angle.


GLX Green Light Laser Systems – GLX58BAC-30 / GLX58BAC-SYS30 / GLX58BAC-30mW Green Laser Module Our newest GLX58SAC-Line is a very powerful 30mW line laser.  Projects a brilliant, visible line instead of a dot.  The brightest of our module available for industrial application and extremely economically priced. This produce a brighter laser line for use in marking, measuring and layouts.
GLX100M 10MX
  • 10 times brighter laser beam – you can see the laser dot in direct sunlight.
  • Broad operating temperature range – Operates in extreme cold or hot conditions.
  • Accurate to 1/8” @ 100’ – Improves single person, layout precision.
  • Operating range extended to over 500’ – No job too big.
  • Precision 5 minute of arc level vial – 9 times more sensitive
Industrial Laser Tools Concentric Laser Systems These industrial systems are used to align, aim, and position parts and machinery using eye visible laser beams for reference. Used in hazardous environments, saw mills, CNC machines to align bar feeders, industrial plants, marine work, R&D labs, and laser line applications, these modules are extremely reliable and multi-functioned.
Intrinsically Safe Laser Pointers Exceeds UL Class 1, Division I or Division II Certification Standards

    • 10 Times Brighter!
    • IP67 Waterproof
  • Hard Anodized Case
Just In Case All Natural BBQ Sauce Here’s a mild flavored, marinade with medium seasoning that works well at the grill and at the table too.

Just In Case™ Bar-B-Q Sauce adds flavor to slow cooked chicken by caramelizing on the outside of the meat to keep the juices and flavor locked inside. Use with hickory or mesquite smoke for a sure fire pleaser on grilled steaks and ribs, poultry and ham. Side dress at the table for extra zip and add to “Pork and Beans®” for sensational “Baked Bean” flavor!

L50XP Laser Micro Level Maximum 4.9 milliwatts of collimated laser energy at 635 nanometers. This means that the L50XP can be seen in direct sunlight and will shoot over 500 feet! The L50XP can be used as a precision pocket level, torpedo level and super bight laser platform. Optional Line Generator lens can be built-in and the L50XP will fit into your pocket or tool belt too!
L56SS Laser Bar Feeder Alignment System The L56SS Bar Feeder Alignment System uses a straight beam of laser light and two targets to center and position a bar feeder carriage at the right height to automatically supply bar stock material to a lathe spindle. The alignment of the center of the bar to the center of the spindle is critical because the bar stock is automatically pushed or fed into the lathe’s spindle in order to begin the machining process.
L58 Alignment Lasers & Accessories 110VAC Operation – No wiring required.  Mounting Bracket Included – Easy Installation, Bright 635nm Laser Beam – Draw dots or lines. Economy Priced – Easy on the wallet! This is a great laser for contruction layouts, measuring, industrial aiming, positioning, marking.

All precision equipment must be aligned in order to deliver accurate and quality parts.

L202 Dual Beam Alignment Lasers
  • Two eye visible laser beams shoot in opposite directions
  • Align two points from the middle.
  • Extend alignment accuracy by using one beam as a tacking point – Halves the actual working distance.
  • Magnetic base – Clamps to metal equipment and drive systems for alignment references.
  • Includes precision “Glow In The Dark” 5 minute of arc level vial – Accurate to 1/8″ @ 100 feet.
  • Hard anodized (Rockwell 65C) – Superior abrasion resistance
  • Weather sealed with “O” Rings.
  • Pulley Alignment Kit (Optional)
L600 Laser Crosshair Line Generator This dual beam line generator system is used for marking, positioning, aligning; establishing orientation and aiming. The L600 Crosshair Line Generator is industrial tough and loaded with extras. This is a perfect use for any manufacturing and product assembly and highly recommended for alignment and registration applications.
L700 Dual Beam Alignment Laser & Accessories Extend alignment accuracy by using one beam as a “Tacking Point” and align 2 points from the middle.

Shown in optional stainless steel with slotted support tabs.

“Back Sight to Spad alignment points”

Laser Guided Docking System The Bow Laser emits a Crosshair Beam that’s visible on the Special Docking Target. This shows that your vessel is CENTERED as it approaches your slip. The Stern Laser Line shows that your vessel is STRAIGHT as you approach your slip. This means the stern won’t swing and bump the dock sides.

Stern facing systems available, too.

Laser Sheave Alignment System with Positive Tracking Align sheaves, belts, platforms, conveyors and soft motor mounts. Works with belt, gear and roller transmission systems too! The flat Laser Line can also be used as a level layout reference. The Model L80 Sheave Alignment System includes: PowerLine© Pulley Alignment tool with Laser Beam accuracy, 3 adjustable targets, and hard shell carrying case.
Laser Docking System for Trucks and Trailers Backing 53’ trailers centered to loading docks is time consuming, dangerous and error prone. Trailer and terminal docks are regularly damaged. Use the GLX series green laser lines to stripe trailer loading lanes. This results in faster and more accurate trailer docking. Laser lines are visible on all surfaces including water, mud, gravel and snow! Works best during morning, evening and night times.
Lasers for Alignment Measurement and Positioning These industrial systems are used to align, aim, and position parts and machinery using eye visible laser beams for reference. Used in hazardous environments, saw mills, CNC machines to align bar feeders, industrial plants, marine work, R&D labs, and laser line applications, these modules are extremely reliable and multi-functioned.
Laser Systems for the Crane Industry
  • Safety – You can outline the Derrick and Trolley with laser light. This creates a “Safe Zone” under the hoist.
  • Inspection – Periodic inspections and routine maintenance are performed faster and more accurate with a laser reference line.
  • Alignment – You can show the exact lifting point under the block hook with a laser crosshair. This centers the trolley over the load every time.
LED Strobe Features and Options Each strobe flashes bright LEDs every few seconds. Light can be seen over 100 feet down a tunnel or a mine shaft. The color of the light indicates your position, so you’ll always know where you are in the mine.


Long Distance Laser Alignment This is the perfect Long Distance Alignment Laser suitable for alignment applications in tunnels, when building bridges or sinking mine shafts, installing cranes, conveyors, surveying and much more. Our Long Distance Laser is proven to increase efficiency and significantly reduce man hours.
Mining Alignment Lasers and Accessories
  • Solid Brass – Proved to work in Harsh Environments
  • Intrinsically Safe – Explosion Proof Containment Not Required
  • Dust and Waterproof – Great for Underground Use.
  • Adjustable Hanging Brackets Included – Connects to Spads directly
  • Precision Beam Alignment – Tabs and Brackets Self Align Laser Beam to Seam.
  • Optional CL1000 Line Generator Screws into End of the Laser – Projects a Vertical Laser Line onto the face.
Model AP96 Hard Mount for Laser Mining and Tunneling Alignment The Hard Mount system will hold Mining Alignment Lasers firmly in place underground during production coal mining operations, hard rock mining and active tunnel excavations. Vibration and ventilation can cause slight movements of the alignment laser if it’s mounted using standard roof spads. But this system uses rock bolts and anchors to affix the laser firmly to the roof or rib.
Model GLX58SAC-LINE with AP185A Beam Spreader Our newest GLX58SAC-Line is a very powerful 30mW line laser.  Projects a brilliant, visible line instead of a dot.  The brightest of our module available for industrial application and extremely economically priced. This produce a brighter laser line for use in marking, measuring and layouts.
Model HB59 Steel Enclosure with L59AC Industrial Alignment Module “The Laser shoots out of the side of the box!” Use indoors and outdoors on cranes, gantries, security installations, loading docks, machinery and conveyors.
Our SLS Series – Super LED Strobe – Features and Options Used for In-By and Out-By directional indicators, SCSR re-breather and secure containment markers, survey markers and rescue team identifiers including back pack and rescue sled flashers. You can mark Permissible entry points with different colors and provide beacons for hazardous machinery conditions.
Pathway Laser Systems Use for Walkways, Forklift Guidance, Overhead Crane Exclusion zones, Warehouse Aisle Management, Safety Zones and Freight Docking Systems.
Selection Guide Laser Line Generator Optics When using the L58 Style Laser Dot Generator, choose the correct Line Generator Optic to create the appropriate line length for your need. A cylindrical lens is a round bar or cross section of glass through which the collimated laser light passes and then spreads into a fan beam to form a line.
Sheave Alignment System with Green Laser Technology A good sheave alignment laser system will increase efficiency by reducing premature wear or failure of pulleys, belts and bearings. There are several different alignment methods, such as the labor intensive string and straightedge method, however, laser alignment seems the more accurate. This will greatly reduce downtime and manpower needed to do the alignment. This results in increased production uptime and great labor savings.
Speargun Laser Sight “One Dot, One Shot” “You can see the laser dot on the fish!”

Use with Band, Roller or Pneumatic Spearguns for precise aiming in open water, reef or structure fishing.  The Speargun Laser Sight projects a bright laser dot at the point of impact for improved head shots, deflection takes and long distance penetration.

The Professionals Choice of Laser Hand Level with Model L100M and L50M Series Professional contractors and avid DIY experts rely on precision laser tools for faster and more consistent operation. The Model L100M series MX Laser Precision Level™ is our top-selling precision level equipment. This portable device includes a built-in laser that improves user-visibility and project accuracy.
Underwater Laser Systems for Observation Measurement Survey with Sea Beam Laser Scaler Underwater Lasers are intended to be used by ROVs (Remote Operate Vehicles) using video images to take general measurements.  By paralleling two laser beams that are calibrated for set distances, accurate measurements from video images are possible.
WP59 and WP58 Fine Beam Steering Optics and AP935 Tri-Beam Prism System
L58DRL Center Point Alignment Laser with Wedge Prisms for Beam Steering The use of Wedge Prisms for laser beam steering and calibration is a more reliable and dependable design method compared to using set screws to hold a small laser module centered in a hollow tube or metal case.