Laser Optical Windows

Laser Tools Co., Inc. provides different kinds of windows using a variety of materials such as BK7, fused silica, float Glass, CaF2 and others. Different sizes and shapes of windows are available with surface quality 40-20 and flatness to 1/10. The parallel can be controlled to 5 seconds.


Laser and illumination systems use beam splitters to split input light into two parts or to recombine two separate light beams into a single path. Laser Tools Co., Inc. offers these products in different shapes and forms. Depending on your purpose and application, you can choose among our cube, circular, and plate splitters. A beam splitter is ideal for optical interferometry, fluorescence, and polarizing and non-polarizing applications.

Our beam splitting optics use excellent cementing technology and can achieve a deviation of less than one arch minute. The energy loss is less than 1%. Made from the finest materials, these products ensure a high level of accuracy and a tight tolerance on the splitting ratio.

Our beamsplitters apply to the following uses

  • Non-polarizing laser
  • Broadband
  • Normal incidence
  • 45-degree visible
  • Wide band neutral

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