New Speargun Laser Aiming System

A new Speargun Laser Aiming System designed specifically for blue-water and reef spearfishing will be introduced at this year’s Blue Wild Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The GRT58DC, built by Little Rock, Arkansas-based Laser Tools Co., includes a bright laser beam that pinpoints the exact point of the spear’s impact. This means more head shots, less bleed-out and more first shot kills.

Here’s how it works: The momentary thumb switch turns the laser on right before the shot is taken, ensuring stealthy stalks and minimal school notice. The bright laser dot is enhanced in size for quick impact placement. This means that the precise shot location is known before the trigger is pulled.

Laser Tools Co. calls it “One Dot, One Shot.”

Red or green laser beams are available, with the green being 10 times brighter than red and often used in the Pelagic Zone.

The Model GRT58DC Green Laser Aiming System weights 3.8 ounces (108 grams) underwater so disturbance to buoyancy would be minimal. All components are 3D printed with a resin for corrosion resistance and serviceability. Windage and elevation adjustments are included so that fine laser adjustments can be made even during the dive.

A target is included for beam alignment during installation along with the adjustable mount. The laser itself has a power cord that connects to the remote trigger battery supply which doubles as a camera mount for live action videos. Optional spacers are available to space the laser mount above different size bands.