L58 and GL58 Precision Concentric Alignment Lasers


This is the perfect tool for projecting a point of reference for an exact measurement. It’s used in industrial and commercial applications including manufacturing and assembly operations.



All precision equipment must be aligned in order to deliver accurate and quality parts.

Improper equipment geometry can result in the loss of production time. Our 58 Series Alignment Lasers are used to align, aim, and position parts amd machinery to instantly and accurately measure X-Y deviation at any point along the line up to 300 feet long.

This is the perfect tool for projecting a point of reference for an exact measurement. It’s used in industrial and commercial applications including manufacturing and assembly operations. Add a line generator lens system and the L58/GL58 becomes the standard alignment system for process control Machines which are aligned accurately will suffer less wear and tear and increase productivity and profitability of the company.

“Beam is Concentric”

The laser beam is aligned with the outside diameter of the case. This means that you can use the outside of the case for centering and positioning the beam. Our 58 series are made of solid brass.

  • All glass optics – Won’t cloud over in harsh environment
  • Wedge prisms for beam steering – Beam will stay in position even if dropped
  • Water and dust proof – Suitable for industrial requirements
  • Different power option – 4 to 36VDC (use with PLC controllers)

GL58_alignment_laser_image“Draw a Green Laser Line”

Use Green laser light for Maximum Brightness. The GL58AC is 10 times brighter. “You can see the laser line in sunlight.”

You can customize your laser with accessories:

  • AP94 Mounting Bracket – Includes 3/4″ diameter mounting block and “L” bracket. You can customize your laser with accessories
  • AP15 Aperture Pack – Resizes beam to 1/16″, 3/32″ or 1/8″
  • 10LD 10mW – Upgrade for bright red laser beam
  • AP185 Beam Shaper – Draws adjustable brightness laser line

L58DC Alignment Module

  • Includes 5′ Cord and AC Adapter

Accessories – Line Generator: How It Works

When using the L58 Style Laser Dot Generator, choose the correct Line Generator Optic to create the appropriate line length for your need from the following list:


Model # Fan Angle Measured at 36″ from the end of the laser Line Gen. Assembly
CL150 1º Divergence Produces a 5/8 long line  150 mm Radius
CL075 2º Divergence Produces a 1 1/4″ long line  75 mm Radius
CL015 10º Divergence Produces a 6″ long line  15 mm Radius
CL007 20º Divergence Produces a 12″ long line  7 mm Radius
CL002 70º Divergence Produces a 50″ long line  2 mm Radius

A cylindrical lens is a round bar or cross section of glass through which the collimated laser light passes and then spreads in a fan beam to form a line.  The line length is determined by two factors: 1. The radius (curve) of the glass and 2. The laser beam’s cross sectional size.

Example:  To lengthen a laser line, shorten the radius of the cylindrical lens (grind the glass so that the curve is more sharp).  This will make the line spread (diverge) faster.  To shorten a laser line, decrease the size (cross section) of the laser beam.  The smaller the laser beam, the less the beam will interact (hit) the more curved part (the outer edges) of the cylindrical lens.  In other words, a small laser beam goes through the middle of the lens and isn’t changed (refracted) much.  The reverse is true for larger laser beams and longer radius (less curved) cylindrical lens.

The cylindrical lens types used with the L58 Laser Dot Generator decrease their radius proportionally as the line lengthens.  The laser beam size is not changed.  This is a simple but cost effective design approach for industrial applications.





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