L50M MX Laser Micro Level™ & L50XP EXTREME Range Laser Micro Level™ (20X brighter laser beam) 10 milliwatt laser shoots 1 mile

For general purpose leveling and quick reference work, the Model L50M MX Laser Micro Level™ is ideal. Made to the same professional standards as the L100M MX Laser Precision Level™. The L50M works best within a 75 foot range and measures horizontal level only. Smaller in size and also including a precision 5 minute of arc level vial, you can carry it in your pocket.

This means..

  • Layouts are done in minutes with the quickness of a hand tool and accuracy of a laser.
  • Shoot 10 feet or 100 feet straight. No more strings, transits, or messy water levels to set up for long runs.
  • Precisely level a complete floor from wall to wall or a concrete slab and all the forms, or a ceiling. It’s all done FAST and LASER accurate.
  • Interior and exterior pipe work, wiring, duct work, and plumbing can be laid out, leveled or sloped as required, and installed using the laser beam as a guide. Leave the guess work to someone else.


  • MX Laser Micro Level™. (20 times brighter than standard model)
  • 6 mm optics – Smaller dot size at distance
  • Built Construction Tough – No Tubes to burn out or break.
  • Strong Aircraft Aluminum – Once piece case design won’t bend or twist and it’s weather protected.
  • Recessed Level Vial – Easy to read but well protected.
  • Industrial Grade Optics – Fully coated for maximum performance.
  • Factory Calibrated – No field adjustments required for the lifetime of the laser tool.
  • Uses Wedge Prisms for optical calibration – no set screws.
  • Battery Operated – Complete portability with easy to replace AAA Alkaline batteries. Over 10 hours of continuous operation per set.
  • 5 minute Level Vial – 9 times more accurate than standard level vials.
  • Beam On Indicator Light – Lights when the laser beam is turned on.
  • Solid Brass End Cap – Used to turn laser on for years of trouble free service.



  • Dimensions: 5/8″W x 1 1/4″H x 6 3/4″L (15.9mmW x 31.8mmH x 171mmL)
  • Weight: Less than 12 Ounces
  • Level Vial: 5 minute of arc; Accurate to +/- 1/8″ over 50 feet.
  • Laser Beam: Accurate to +/- 1/8″ over 75 feet.
  • Power: 2 MN2400 Size AAA Duracell Alkaline Batteries. Over 12 hours of continuous operation (Batteries included).

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