Laser Optics

Laser Tools Co. Offers Wide Range of Optics

Optics, photonics products are used in a wide range of applications supporting the R&D, pharmaceutical, biotech, security and defense, photovoltaic, inspection, automation and semiconductor markets around the globe. Laser Tools Co., Inc. manufactures and imports a complete line of optical components including lenses, prisms, mirrors and filters.


Laser Optical Products

laser-tools-company-laser-optics-optical-products-main-imageLaser Tools Co., Inc. manufactures and imports a complete line of optical components including lenses, prisms, mirrors and filters. All components are 100% inspected for quality assurance and delivered to meet production schedules. We use both domestic and international suppliers which means that you get your parts on time and at the best price! Call on us to supply your next production order!

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Laser Optical Windows

laser-tools-company-laser-optical-windows-1Laser Tools Co., Inc. provides different kinds of windows using a variety of materials such as BK7, fused silica, float Glass, CaF2 and others. Different sizes and shapes of windows are available with surface quality 40-20 and flatness to 1/10. The parallel can be controlled to 5 seconds.


Laser and illumination systems use beam splitters to split input light into two parts or to recombine two separate light beams into a single path. Laser Tools Co., Inc. offers these products in different shapes and forms. Depending on your purpose and application, you can choose among our cube, circular, and plate splitters. A beam splitter is ideal for optical interferometry, fluorescence, and polarizing and non-polarizing applications.

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Laser Optical Prisms

laser-tools-company-laser-optical-prizms-1Laser Tools Co., Inc. can provide you with a large selection of prisms, including Right Angle Prism, Reflection Amici Roof, Reversion Equilateral Dispersing, Brewster/Littrow and others. We can also supply customer-designed prisms with irregular angles. Production specifies include angular tolerance to within 2 seconds; surface quality 40-20; flatness to 1/10.

  • Right Angle Prism
  • Wedge Prism
  • Penta Prism
  • Amici Roof Prism
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Laser Optical Mirrors

laser-tools-company-laser-optical-mirrors-1We offer a range of mirrors suitable for broad applications. Our mirrors include:

  • Ultimate broadband mirrors
  • Broadband dielectric mirrors
  • Laser mirrors
  • Aluminized circular flat mirrors
  • Aluminized square, rectangular and elliptical mirrors
  • Aluminized concave spherical mirrors.
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Laser Optical Lenses


laser-tools-company-laser-optical-lenses-1laser-tools-company-laser-optical-lenses-3We have a strong competitive advantage in producing all kinds of lenses, especially small-sized lenses, micro lenses and ball lenses. We can provide prototype lenses in about 2 weeks time. Large quantity orders up to 10,000 can also be shipped within one month.

  • Large: Diameter between 50-300mm
  • Middle: Diameter between 20-50mm
  • Small: Diameter between 1-20mm
  • Ball Lens
  • Cylindrical Lenses
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Laser Optical Coating Chart

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Optical CCD Lenses


  • L-1001: Focal length 8mm
  • L-1002: Focal length 3.5mm
  • L-1003: Focal length 5.45mm
  • L-1004: Focal length 7.2mm
  • L-1005: Focal length 4.5mm
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