Laser Tools manufactures Laser Levels, Aiming and Positioning Lasers, Mining Alignment Lasers, Measurement Lasers, Sheave Alignment Lasers and Custom Laser systems. Laser Tools Co., Inc. specializes in the production of intrinsically safe laser products used in high-precision industrial use. Our wide range of products service the industrial, construction, commercial, mining, and marine industries, including optics and small machined parts. All our lasers are designed, machined and assembled in the USA.

L58DRL Center Point Alignment Laser

The L58DRL Center Point Alignment Laser is used for locating the center of rotation of spindles and arbors including drill presses, lathes, mills, turning centers, collets and pneumatic feeds. The laser beam can be calibrated to be concentric to the outside diameter, O.D. of the laser’s case.

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Laser Systems for the Crane Industry

New GLX Green Laser Technology™ used for:

Safety – You can outline the Derrick and Trolley with laser light. This creates a “Safe Zone” under the hoist.

Inspection – Periodic inspections and routine maintenance are performed faster and more accurate with a laser reference line.

Alignment – You can show the exact lifting point under the block hook with a laser crosshair. This centers the trolley over the load every time.

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GL80 Green Laser Technology Sheave Alignment System

A good sheave alignment laser system will increase efficiency by reducing premature wear or failure of pulleys, belts and bearings. There are several different alignment methods, such as the labor intensive string and straight hedge method, however, laser alignment seems the more accurate. This will greatly reduce downtime and manpower needed to do the alignment. This results in increased production uptime and great labor savings.

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GLX58BAC-30 and GLX58BDC-30 30mW Green Beam Industrial Alignment Modules

The GLX58BAC-30 and GLX58BDC-30 30mW Green Beam Industrial Alignment Modules use the AP185A Beam Spreader™ to create an even intensity distribution line. This line has the same uniform width over the entire line length. This means that longer lengths can be covered and used for measurements and positioning. These laser models use the adjustable AP185B Beam Spreader™ which shifts the light intensity along the laser line so more light is projected farther away from the laser module.

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L56SS Bar Feeder Alignment System

The L56SS Bar Feeder Alignment System uses a straight beam of laser light and two targets to center and position a bar feeder carriage at the right height to automatically supply bar stock material to a lathe spindle. The alignment of the center of the bar to the center of the spindle is critical because the bar stock is automatically pushed or fed into the lathe’s spindle in order to begin the machining process.

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Laser Docking™ System for Trucks & Trailers

This is why Laser Tools Co.’s Laser Docking™ System is the perfect trailer docking assistant. A driver can “see” the laser docking lines in his wing mirrors when the truck and trailer are approaching the docking lane.

  • Center trailers to docks during backups.
  • Separates Trailers
  • Lasers replace painted lines and tape
  • Minimizes damage to trailers and docks
  • Faster loading and unloading trailers

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Laser Tools imports and manufactures optics including optical flats, wedge prisms, penta prism and mirror assemblies, spherical optics, cylindrical lenses and aspheric cylindrical lenses. This means that if the “optical glass is ground”, we can make it for you! This includes “even intensity” line generator lenses for red and green laser diodes systems and the new, variable intensity distribution, line generator lens systems. A complete optical design department develops and prescribes OEM and customer solutions for commission.  Included are electronic and optical detection systems, machine positioning and data transmission, long distance laser path alignment and detection and specialty lasers for the military.

At Laser Tools, we are devoted to constantly improving our product by creating new designs that best fit the user’s specifications.  We leverage our laser manufacturing technology for programs and projects that benefit mankind and defend our freedom.  We’re proud to support our nation’s military effort where possible.

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