L700 MSHA Dual Beam Mining Alignment Laser


MSHA Approved – Certified for use in hazardous environments esp. Methane-Air Mixtures

Dual Beam, 2 eye visible laser beams shoot in opposite directions. Includes adjustable spad hanging tabs & 6 “AA” size Batteries Solid Brass. Dimensions 20 “L x 1” Dia

Available in Red Laser and Green Laser Technology



Extend alignment accuracy by using one beam as a “Tacking Point” and align 2 points from the middle.
Shown in optional stainless steel with slotted support tabs.
“Back Sight to Spad alignment points”

  • Aerodynamic – Proven stable in high vent areas
  • Intrinsically Safe – Works in Methane/Air mixtures
  • Dust and Waterproof – Great for longwall and hard rock use
  • Adjustable Spad Hanging Tabs and Brackets – Laser stays on target even during ventilation
  • Includes – 6 “AA” Size Alkaline Batteries (L700 & L700 MSHA)(4 “AA” Batteries for GL700 & GL700 MSHA)
  • Dimensions – 20″ (508mm) L X 1″ (25.4mm) Dia.
  • Case – Brass or Stainless Steel Construction




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L700, L700 MSHA, GL700, GL700 MSHA


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