High Powered Pathway Laser Systems


Use for Walkways, Forklift Guidance, Overhead Crane Exclusion zones, Warehouse Aisle Management, Safety Zones and Freight Docking Systems.



Red, Green and Blue Laser Line Generators for all Industrial Applications including:
overhead cranes, laser docking system, pathway laser lines, walkways,
warehouse aisle management, forklift lasers, safety and exclusion zone lasers.


  • High Powered, GLX Laser Modules
  • 80mW and 120mW Systems
  • 10X Brighter

3 Models to choose for only $695.00 each


  • Replace painted and taped lines with laser lines that never wear out.
  • Custom laser designs: Red, Green or Blue barrier lines for color separation.
  • Superior viewing in adverse conditions
  • 10 times brighter but still eye safe.

Optional Features:

  • CL150 Line Lens generates a 1” wide laser line. This makes the standard 1/8″ wide laser line twice as visible for barrier stripes.


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Select a Model No.

GLX58BAC-80 Green Laser System, GLX58BDC-80, BLX58BAC-80 Blue Laser System, BLX58BDC-80, RLX58BAC-120 Red Laser System, RLX58BDC-120

Select a Laser Lens

CL150 Laser Line Widening Lens Assembly for 1” line @20’ +$85.00, I do not want the CL150 at this time


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