ROV Laser Scaler SB10 and SB20 “SEA BEAMs™”


New Underwater Laser Colors

Laser Tools Co., Inc. has developed new laser wavelengths for their Model SB10 and SB20 Sea Beam™ Laser Scalers.  The new laser colors are Red for minimum biologic awareness, Green for greater brightness in turbid water and Blue for long distance penetration in clear water.  The Sea Beams™ are water proof to over 600’.

The Sea Beam™ system is used to scale unusual objects, fish, reefs, artificial structures and mechanical fixtures at depths where divers can’t explore or the cost is too great.  The Sea Beam™ Laser Scaler shoots two laser beams 75 millimeters apart and parallel that the ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) views by camera.  The spacing of laser dots or lines are measured using a caliper or ruler on the video screen or video capture techniques and the range and size of the target is analyzed.  This saves time and is safer than a diver’s underwater exposure.  The Sea Beam™ is only 2.5” Long, 4” wide and 1” high, mounts directly to a ROV and weighs less than 90mg when immersed.  The Model SB20 Sea Beam™ is battery operated only but the SB10 Sea Beam™ includes a power cable.  This means that the SB10 Sea Beam™ is completely portable and can be used with all ROV’s, Drones and Submersible Vehicles with or without external power.   The power consumption is less than a ½ watt and the front lens caps glow when the lasers are turned on.  This provides underwater orientation.  For more information contact Laser Tools Co., Inc., 12101 Arch St., Little Rock, AR 72206, Phone 501-562-0900, FAX 501-562-0022, Web site, e mail

How Do You Line It Up and Lay It Down?

GLX350-10 Solar Energy Installation System

Laser Tools Co., Inc., based in Little Rock Arkansas has Green Laser Technology™ that can produce a green laser beam 30 times brighter in sun light making Solar Panel Installation easier and much more precise. The Model GLX350-10 uses 520 nanometer green laser light to project a dot with 1/8” accuracy at a 100’.  When used with the Model AP90C Beam Bender™, two laser beams can be created; one concentric to the green laser’s case for outlining the array on the roof’s pitch and another 90-degree beam used to determine crossbeams. The AP90C Beam Bender™ can also shoot a onetime position for penetration and base mounts.

The GLX350-10 operates with six standard AA alkaline batteries for a continuous operating time of over 30 hours. The tool can be used in temperatures ranging from -20◦ to +60◦C and is approved eye safe by the FDA.  The tool’s brass case is 17” long with a 1” diameter that can be mounted with AP351 1” Clamp Set to the AP353A Magnetic Dovetail Base Mount for easy install to the AP1000 Tripod Leveling Adaptor Plate for an overall visible range of over 1,000’. This can assist with ground panel installation.

For more information, contact the manufacture, Laser Tools Co., Inc. at 12101 Arch Street in Little Rock Arkansas, 72206, by phone 501/562-0900, fax 501/562-0022, email –, or web site at Solar Energy Installation System.

Align, Define and Increase Production Time


Laser Tools Co., Inc. out of Little Rock, Arkansas has exactly what is needed for profiling logs for quarter sawing and determining pith. The new model GLX58SAC-Line is more precise which to the timber/ lumber/ machining industries will provide maximum yield and time savings.

The model GLX58SAC-Line features a powerful 30mW of Green Laser Technology™ along with a 70° line generator lens that produces a 25” long line at 18” away. Line lengths may vary with different lenses depending on the client’s application. GLX58SAC-Line is powered by an AC adaptor requiring 110v@ 60Hz and is still a Class II  <1mW @ 520nm. A mounting bracket is included for simple installation.

For more information, contact the manufacture, Laser Tools Co., Inc. at 12101 Arch Street in Little Rock Arkansas, 72206, by phone 501/562-0900, fax 501/562-0022, email –, or web site at Model GLX58SAC-Line.

Laser Tool’s 58 Series Laser Alignment Modules


Laser Tools Co., Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of high precision, laser alignment tools for over two decades in the USA. Each product line is certified for the Mining and Tunneling industry in the United States and is currently seeking renewal in Russia.  Through their devotion to constantly improve each product line by creating new designs specifically suited for the industries that their clients serve, Laser Tools Co. recently introduced high power laser line generator modules for various industrial and commercial applications including manufacturing and assembly operations.

By incorporating a shorter wavelength light into their existing 58 Series laser alignment modules, Laser Tools Co Inc. has developed a higher frequency of laser lighting. With the highest of these frequencies being in the shade of blue, our new 450 nm wavelength laser diode has established a more visible laser beam than our existing 635 nm wavelength for red beam or the 532 nm wavelength for green beam. This new color offers superior viewing in adverse conditions and overcomes color vision deficiency.


Laser Tool’s 58 Series laser alignment modules are used to align, aim, and position parts and machinery to instantly and accurately measure X-Y deviation at any point along the line up to 300 feet long. These laser modules are AC or DC powered, will operate up to 60°C and include various line generating optics for different applications that need laser line lengths of 150mm to 2mm at a 460mm distance.

Complete product lines are already established based on specific industry applications.  This includes the Pathway Laser Systems™ which produces radiant, bold lines that replace the typical tape and painted lines on warehouse floors used to guide people and equipment safely throughout the same work environment; Laser Docking Systems™ for freight terminals to assist trailer centering to loading docks in adverse weather and low light conditions; Forklift Laser Systems™ for precise and accurate loading and overhead stacking as well as Overhead Crane exclusion zone lasers for bridge and gantry style lift systems.

Clients have access to all the combined resources of Laser Tools Co. at Engineers are on hand for specific tool designs, Technicians are available to ensure exact tolerances and power requirements are achieved and attentive Customer Service Representatives answer the phone on the first ring. Orders can also be placed through our European Representative, Coast Laser at