Laser Tools Co., Inc. out of Little Rock, Arkansas has exactly what is needed for profiling logs for quarter sawing and determining pith. The new model GLX58SAC-Line is more precise which to the timber/ lumber/ machining industries will provide maximum yield and time savings.

The model GLX58SAC-Line features a powerful 30mW of Green Laser Technology™ along with a 70° line generator lens that produces a 25” long line at 18” away. Line lengths may vary with different lenses depending on the client’s application. GLX58SAC-Line is powered by an AC adaptor requiring 110v@ 60Hz and is still a Class II  <1mW @ 520nm. A mounting bracket is included for simple installation.

For more information, contact the manufacture, Laser Tools Co., Inc. at 12101 Arch Street in Little Rock Arkansas, 72206, by phone 501/562-0900, fax 501/562-0022, email –, or web site at Model GLX58SAC-Line.