ROV Laser Scaler SB10 and SB20 “SEA BEAMs™”

New Underwater Laser Colors

Laser Tools Co., Inc. has developed new laser wavelengths for their Model SB10 and SB20 Sea Beam™ Laser Scalers.  The new laser colors are Red for minimum biologic awareness, Green for greater brightness in turbid water and Blue for long distance penetration in clear water.  The Sea Beams™ are water proof to over 600’.

The Sea Beam™ system is used to scale unusual objects, fish, reefs, artificial structures and mechanical fixtures at depths where divers can’t explore or the cost is too great.  The Sea Beam™ Laser Scaler shoots two laser beams 75 millimeters apart and parallel that the ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) views by camera.  The spacing of laser dots or lines are measured using a caliper or ruler on the video screen or video capture techniques and the range and size of the target is analyzed.  This saves time and is safer than a diver’s underwater exposure.  The Sea Beam™ is only 2.5” Long, 4” wide and 1” high, mounts directly to a ROV and weighs less than 90mg when immersed.  The Model SB20 Sea Beam™ is battery operated only but the SB10 Sea Beam™ includes a power cable.  This means that the SB10 Sea Beam™ is completely portable and can be used with all ROV’s, Drones and Submersible Vehicles with or without external power.   The power consumption is less than a ½ watt and the front lens caps glow when the lasers are turned on.  This provides underwater orientation.  For more information contact Laser Tools Co., Inc., 12101 Arch St., Little Rock, AR 72206, Phone 501-562-0900, FAX 501-562-0022, Web site, e mail