Dual Beam Lasers: Multiple Benefits with Better Features

laserIn manufacturing units, using laser has become a common practice, what with all the concentrated light beams affording better accuracy and precision while machining. While single laser beams used to be the primary choice before, today, almost every industry uses the lasers with dual beam to create products with a much better finish and functionality.

According to LaserToolsCo.com, dual beam lasers have become so popular due to their outstanding features and benefits. Some of the most prominent features of these micro-machining systems are the following:

  • Modern dual beam laser micro-machining systems come with two high-power fiber lasers that have been designed specifically for use in different industries.
  • Some of these systems are available with seven axes of coordinated motion control to make sure there are no issues with stepping time. This also ensures that no abutment errors occur during drilling operations.
  • These are also equipped with spacing between two laser beams that are programmable, which enables the user to control the machining speed as demanded by the part layout.
  • These systems come with the right blend of high power laser beams with field-proven compound beam positioned that makes this tool best suited for mass production of micro features.
  • Used for aligning exploratory and production drill rigs center of the drift (tunnel) in underground mines.

Benefits of Dual Beam Lasers

Along with the features of the dual beam laser micromachining systems come a variety of benefits users can expect. These include the following:

• Since the system provides dual beam lasers, it can be used in processing a wide range of materials. This reduces the processing steps and costs involved.
• It allows high flexibility and high quality process development.
• These systems come with a turn-key feature which keeps the operator safe and makes sure there is minimum wastage in the parts produced.
• These systems also come with CNC controller software, which allows users to control the production process on a single screen.

Applications of Dual Beam Lasers

Due to their features and benefits, dual beam laser micro-machining systems find a number of industrial applications today. These include microelectronics, thin-film scribing, high-throughput machining, process development, and mixed material laser processing. Therefore, investing in this system is certainly worth it.