Look at what just got a makeover.  The GLX100M MX Laser Precision Level™ uses 520nm Green Laser Technology including a direct drive laser diode so it can operate on just two 3V DL123A Lithium Batteries for over 20 hours using the standard Laser Precision Level™ 9 ½” long precision level case.  The operating temperature range has been enhanced so it can operate between -20° and 60°C and the Laser Level is FDA Class IIIa and IEC 3R compliant.  This means that the GLX100M-10 MX Laser Precision Level™ will operate in more extreme conditions and meets worldwide power emission limits and standards.  Beam quality and operating distance exceeds 1,000’ and all accessories are compatible.

The GLX100M-10 MX Laser Precision Level™ replaces the GL100M for the same investment amount. The GL100M MX Laser Precision Level that has been an industry standard for over 25 years.

What a deal!

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